Program Application

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    Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
    Cookie days 7 days
    Commission type Percent of Sale
    Base commission 15.00%
    Additional terms Commissions are paid as they are approved so you get paid quicker!

    1. Payments
    • Scheduling - Payments will be made weekly and monthly via PayPal.
      Please add your PayPal info to your payment settings.
    • Thresholds - No thresholds.
    • Method - Please add your PayPal information to your payment settings.

    2. Promo Methods

    • Trademarks - You are allowed to use logos and pictures, please tag @lucklessoutfitters
    • Offer Placement - All social media is acceptable.

    3. Your policy towards self-dealing, for example;

    • Friends and Family - Should they be credited for a commission if a relative purchases an item through their offer?
    • Affiliate Using Their Own Offer - Affiliate purchases your product using their own affiliate link. 

    4. Any products/product categories that are excluded from your program

    • Discounted Items - Products on sale/clearance
    • Low Priced Items - For example, no commission can be earned on items totalling less than $5. 
    • Product Types - An example would be not offering commissions for customizable t-shirts. 

    5. Anything else that will result in disqualified purchases, for example;

    • Negative Commentary - For example, affiliates are not allowed to tweet negatively about the merchant's brand. 
    • Offensive Content - As an example, affiliates would be forbidden from placing your link on adult themed websites.